Welcome to the SwarmLab at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Our major goal in SwarmLab is to make the theory work. The theory of Swarm Intelligence delivers very interesting features, but it is still an unexplored area when it comes to real applications. 

Currently SwarmLab is equipped with 5 Robotioc Platforms:

Flying Swarm:

Taking the freedom for moving in a three-dimensional space, we work on diverse topics about Swarm Intelligence using flying robots (FINken-III). These robots are built by us to be able to fully understand their functionality and program them using our own algorithms.

Rolling Swarm: 

This platform contains over 65 Spheros which perform swarm behaviours in fully autonomous mode. 

Driving Swarm:

We develop swarm intelligence algorithms and especially indoor localization methods (without using external positioning systems) and test them on a swarm of TurtleBots. 

Nao Platform: 

We study AI algorithms on Nao which is supposed to work together with other platforms such as the Rolling Swarm.


This robotis platform is used by the RoboCup Team. The main task comes from the @Work League robotic competition about Navigation, Transportation, and precision placement: http://www.robotto.ovgu.de


SwarmLab is funded in 2015 by Professor Sanaz Mostaghim and on Friday 19.02.2016, we had the official opening of SwarmLab. Marco Tullner (State secretary) and Dr. Peter Tauber together with the president of the university Prof. Dr. Jens Strackeljan visited our SwarmLab.

You are more than welcome to contribute and take part in our team meetings. Simply write us an email to: sanaz.mostaghim or christoph.steup @ ovgu . de

New videos about the Rolling Swarm are now online: Videos


For students: We always offer topics for Bachelor/Master Thesis, Software Team Projects (Bachelor), Scientific Team projects (Master), Individual Projects (Master) and Digital Engineering Projects. Please check out our current topics in simulation and robotics




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